Storing Images, Sound Files in Azure using Asp.Net

Storing Images, Sound Files in Azure using Asp.Net

Azure has 4 main types of storage: Blob, FIles, Table and Queue.

  • Blob – allow  storing unstructured data likes images, sound files.
  • FIles is for smb-based cloud file shares,
  • Table storage for NoSQL data,
  • Queue storage to reliably store messages, and Premium Storage for high-performance, low-latency block storage for I/O-intensive workloads running in Azure Virtual Machines.

Without going too much into the details, I just summarize briefly what was done in ‘my Project’ to use Azure blog storage to store images, sound files.

Once u have a Azure Account (follow this link), they need to go into a container and in the container you can store blogs items such as sound files, video files .. etc .. any unstructured data.

To setup Azure Blog storage in Visual Studio just follow this link from Microsoft. In summary it explains the following:-

  • How to setup Azure storage in Visual Studio i.e. which nugets package to install
  • How to initial setup Blob storage connection strings.
  • How to upload Blog items into a Container
  • How to delete Blog items from a Container
  • How to list Blog items from a Container
  • How to download Blog items from a Container
  • Managing Security in Blog
    • who can access you Blog items
    • having Blog item encrypted

From here you can then create the

  • appropriate Models to capture the Azure functions responses
  • a create a Controller called “AzureController” in your Visual Studio Project with the sub-function like initial, upload, delete, list, download
  • a View to display the Blog Items.A Iframe was used to display the Blog items in a grid format.

This controller “AzureController” can then be called anywhere in Visual Studio Project to utilize storing data in Azure Blob Storage.

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