Using Azure WebJob to Schedule Application on Cloud

Using Azure WebJob to Schedule Application on Cloud

Below are the steps after you have Azure Account, to make host a visual studio application on azure using the WebJob to schedule the Azure applications

Create Application Hosting on Azure

  1. Login on to Azure –
  2. Click the App Services
  3. Click on the + sign
    • Enter App Name
    • Enter Subscription
    • Create Resource Group
    • Create App Service Location and click on right click
    • Azure03
  4. Click on App Service Location — you should have the screen below
    • Click New
    • Enter App Service Plan
    • Click on the Location and choose a location close to you
    • Click on Price Tier and click on the right click
    • Azure04
  5. Click on Price Tier
    • Click on the View All
    • Choose the correct price
    • Azure05
  6. Finally click create

Get the Import Hosting Details

  1. Click on the App Service
  2. Do a right click –> Get Publish Profile
  3. This should download your Hosting Details Setting on the PC

On Your Visual Studio

  1. Right Click on your Visual Studio Project
  2. Choose Publish Azure Web Job
  3. Click on Profile
  4. Choose Import and point to Hosting Details Setting File
  5. Click on Next
  6. This upload your project onto Azure

Check Running

  1. When log on to Azure –> click on App Service
  2. You should see this on GoogleApp service name running as below:-


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