Meetup – .Net Rock with Richard Campbell

Meetup – .Net Rock with Richard Campbell


This meetup was held at Grid AkL on 31 July 2017.

The meetup was divided into sections:

Saving the World One App at a Time – The Humanitarian Toolbox

Richard Campbell tells his story of software, hardware and charity that ultimately has led him to the Humanitarian Toolbox ( The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source initiative to build software for disaster relief – both for the Non-Governmental Organisations that are involved in disaster relief, the citizen volunteers that donate their time to assist during a disaster and the disaster victims themselves.


The History of .NET

The .NET Framework is more than fifteen years old! Or is it? Richard Campbell went on a tour of the history of .NET, Visual Studio and the related tools that have been the principal way that developers build software in the Microsoft space. The conversation explores the relationship between development tools, operating systems and the hardware that runs it all – the winding path of .NET is influenced by many things – and the future is only getting more interesting!

Other important links:-

  •  Github for htbox is on
  • I was particularly interested in joining AllReady open source project on disaster response.  C#, with a mobile application bit on ionic with over 1000 unit testing already.
  • which publishes three shows a week to .NET developers and RunAs Radio podcasts

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