Azure Coding ..

Azure Coding ..

Azure Table Query

Query example  

TableQuery used for query data, use this instead of normal linq method

Table query condition

Azure table design

Designing a scalable partitioning for azure table storage


Design for better data modification


storage pricing



Making custom log4net appender


To use Azure table storage:

  • Create an azure account
  • Make a new resource, then create a storage account
  • create a cloud service


Possible features

The beauty of Log4Net is that you can mix and match loggers, appenders, and layouts however you like. For example, you could have one logger tracking all FATAL events using a SMTP appender to send an e-mail while also having a second logger tracking all WARN and higher events to a file appender for general purposes. You could also have a single logger with multiple file appenders, each using a different pattern layout. One layout would be optimized for human consumption and the other for another computer to read and process.  

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